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Product Description


Ace Roots is a low sugar herbal alcoholic drink with a blend of true African herbs, fruits, spices and the great kick of Alcohol.

Ace Roots is made for the strong who want to awaken their African spirit and change their game to low sugar.

It was created for health conscious Nigerians who want to embrace their rich cultural heritage and celebrate life, success and companionship with an uncontrolled cheerful and colourful African spirit. Blending good health and high spirits with the unmistakable strong taste of 14 African herbs and spices.


Product Details

Ace Roots will take its consumers back to their roots and deliver a thrilling experience without breaking the bank.

Alcohol Units: 22.5
ABV: 30% vol.
Pack Quantity: 24 X 750
Pack Measure: ML
Alcohol Type: Spirit

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